E-SCM Total Solutions

Providing complete procurement services
  • We organize E-Procurement of your goods and services as per your need and system
  • We will execute your procurement at our end right from start to end and can take up the Technical scrutiny, if required by you
  • We will implement all updated purchasing concepts like Total cost of ownership, JIT, Vendor managed inventory, fixing Rate contract etc. of your purchasing
  • We will use Reverse Auction, E-Seal bid, E-Tender, E-Procurement module to optimize your prices
Total disposal services through E-Auctions

We offer disposal services of :

  • Surplus Inventory / Idle Assets / Non-Moving items
  • Salvage Auctions for disposal of salvaged and reconditioned items
  • E-Waste & Hazardous materials
  • Old Machinery and Equipments
Providing additional services
  • We will provide you feasibility studies for various requirements
  • We can provide you due diligence services
Providing cost Estimation services
  • We have the experts for estimating the prices for procurement, sale, and disposal
  • We also can estimate the prices through E-Seal bid and E-Tender mode
  • We implement concept of “total cost of ownership"
Cosultancy on Inventory Control

We can offer you :

  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Warehousing and store systems
  • Material Planning and Forecasting
  • Determination of optimum levels of stock
  • Reduction in inventory operational expenses
  • Inventory Control Model